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Sell a set amount of an existing spl token rather than creating a new one to sell. Note that you must have the amount you wish to sell in your wallet.
The mint id of the existing token to use for this sale
The token that should be used to buy this token. If you want users to purchase your token using SOL, use So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112

The wallet that can claim the bootstrapped liquidity
The starting price for this token. You should set this a little above the expected price of the token. Prices will fall to the fair price. Note that if there's enough demand, they can also increase from this price.

Need help? Watch How to choose Dynamic Pricing/LBC Parameters

The minimum possible price for this token, if nobody buys during the bootstrapping interval. The wider the range between starting price and minimum price, the more rapidly the price will fall. It is reccommended to keep these numbers within 5x of each other.
How long should this LBC go on for? This period is the time during which the price will fall. We recommend you set this period long enough so that everyone gets a chance to participate.
The number of tokens to mint. Note that, depending on the above parameters this liqudity bootstrapping may not sell out
Disable selling of tokens back to the LBC. Allowing users to sell back to the LBC can aid in price discovery.
The time this LBC will go live, in your browser's local timezone



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